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September 1, 2009 / mommsen

Gorillas on Facebook

5000 friends on facebook in 3 month. No, it´s not Obama I´m talking about. It´s a Gorilla from Givskud Zoo in Denmark. Together with the Zoo I put Samson the Gorilla on Facebook to create an alternative way of getting in to dialogue with the guests and an alternative way of promoting the Zoo. It´s a big success and we are surprised by the huge activity from its friends. Each update from Samson is commented from at least 5 friends. So why do people want to be friends with a Gorilla that they know is controlled by someone?
My guess is that it´s because it´s a fun way of getting information and because you through his friendship can become a part of a social community that shares the love for Gorillas and makes conversations with others possible. I often use this as an example to pin point the social importance of digital marketing and compares it to the use of a traditional newsletter. Imagine what it would take for Givskud Zoo to get 5000 sign ups for their newsletter in 3 month!
I got inspired to write this post because I read an article today about the introduction of a rare Ugandan Gorilla on Facebook.
So maybe the Ugandan Gorilla and Samson could be friends? I´m sure they will have some great discussions about humans.

Become a fan of Samson


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